How Can Help You ?

SkillMaster is created for Accelerating Excellence to both people and businesses

We work for the structured consultation approach through design thinking and getting excellent results.
With the smart planning and implementation structural approach, we help people to make their future bright.

A white paper recommendation helps startup revalidate their hypothesis on chosen GTM. Herein we share basis project scope both primary and secondary research & recommendation input along with our well-cultivated market wisdom. This may cover pure product play and could extend to people competencies, structure, JDs, KPIs etc
Having over two and half decade of experience across various models in both B2C & B2B domains, we work with new age startup to assist them in devising as well as execution of taking their products to markets, from launch to introduction to PoC (proof of concept) stages.
We work with startup and their teams to assist them in day to day operations, testing our recommendation model along the way, in an effort to demonstrate the efficacy of what we recommend.
We also undertake projects wherein we are capable of executing an inhouse action of the suggested strategy. Herein we hire, train and operate the model on behalf of the customer for agreed frame of time post which the client may choose to transfer the practice in house. This is vital for companies who either have their own practice in place and does not want to disturb the same or while testing a new GTM approach to generate a proof of concept.

Engaged in promotion, delivery and certifications of Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner &
Master Practitioner Certifications under ABNLP (American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming)
through multi-modal approach.

We conduct various corporate training programs across management levels. Starting from very basic level of induction trainings across soft areas of communication, personal skills, professional skills, creativity and innovation, to running leadership programs.
Being a INLPTA certified NLP training and a practicing master practitioner of the art & science of NLP along with being a certified coach of Grant Suzuloo & Marvin Oka’s mBraining (mBIT – Multiple Braining Integration Techniques), we actively engage in coaching and therapy practice across various cross section of community, from students to entrepreneurs to business professionals.
SkillMaster is a created for Accelerating Excellence to both people and businesses. We work for the valuable consultation and getting results in excellence. With the smart planning and implementation we help people to make their future bright.